#004: Turning Your Inspired Dream Into Effective, Near-Term Actions: Pt 1 – Staying By the Line [Podcast]

Giant Slayer Podcast w Rick HubbellThis is where a lot of people get stuck, so this is where you are going to get extra help. ….Actually connecting-the-dots to that greater future you dream about.

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Episode Notes & Highlights

Special Program Note: Next 5 Episodes to Help You Get Unstuck

Here’s the gameplan: Over the next five episodes (including this one) we’ll be talking about what you can do, specifically, to begin pursuing a dream you believe that’s spark is inspired by God; something He has put in your heart. – How you go from where you are toward there…

To do that I’m going to bring in four people who have done it in various ways, and share one quick tip via story myself.

You’ll hear from: (1) an amazing woman and mom who has started a fantastic business from home while her husband was on active duty, (2) a top international executive and entrepreneur who literally travels the world impacts people all over through transforming business leaders, (3) the founder of a thriving non-profit charity that grows and gives away organic produce that is a phenomenal story, and (4) a Pastor who has planted a remarkable church that reaches around the world.

Each one of them has an inspired dream they are pursuing, and might just have an insight that is the one you need! All of them, at one point, probably stood exactly where you are right now, in one way or another.

Staying By the Line

“Do what you love”

  • Is what you always hear. If only it were always that simple… It’s usually not!
  • building stone walls and playing parcheese
  • going on walks
  • how do you turn those into an inspired dream exactly?

Despite the fact that lightbulbs had been going off all over the room, several sessions into a recent destiny workshop we conducted, a woman stood up and exclaimed, ”I still don’t get it. I don’t know what to do.” My wife responded with and inspiration from the Lord “Stay by the Line”, she said. — Meaning find at least some way to get involved with what you believe your inspired dreams is about, and stay as close to that line as you can. You can’t always jump into something 100% immediately. (Sometimes you can.)

  • Supposed to minster to children? Get around some.
  • Called to Pastor? Serve one.
  • Want to write books? Write a blog
  • Feel called to foreign ‘mission’ field? Take a short term trip there.
  • You get the idea
Somehow engage in that arena in the here and now and see what evolves as you “stay by the line”!


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