#006: Turning Your Inspired Dream Into Effective, Near-Term Actions: Pt 3 – Tips from Triste Horrell

Giant Slayer Podcast w Rick Hubbell

Triste Horrell, Owner Systematize www.systemize4u.com

Triste Horrell came from a tiny town in Minnesota and ultimately moved to South Carolina where she has been a pioneer in the industry of professional organizing since 1997. She has been repeatedly recognized for her organizing expertise and makeovers on local media such as The Greenville News, FOX, NBC and even nationally on NPR.

She has three young children: a nine year old daughter, a five year old son and a six month old baby girl, and her husband is active military. Needless to say, she has to be pretty organized to handle all that!

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A Few Tips from Triste’s Story

  • Dreamed of having her own business as a teenager
  • Began to have a sense from God about it; not much more than that
  • Decided to not go in debt over business ;started on a shoestring
  • Few people encouraged her early on as the industry was new
  • Often must forgive in business
  • Success won’t occur overnight
  • Owning your own business is alot harder than working for somebody
  • Take it slowly. Everything you learn will benefit you. If you go too fast you’ll miss important lessons
  • Take advantage of opportunitities you might not be ready for and understand that you might not necessarily feel complete confidence going in – but that it will come after you step up and complete the task!
  • Put your confidence in the skill God has given you and and knowing he will be there for you when you need him.

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