#007: Turning Your Inspired Dream Into Effective, Near-Term Actions: Pt 4 – Tips from Bo Cable, The Generous Garden Project

Giant Slayer Podcast w Rick Hubbell

Bo Cable, Founder, Executive Director, Generous Garden Project

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Bo Cable is the founder and executive director of the Generous Garden Project in Greenville SC, a non-profit organization that’s fighting hunger by growing, harvesting and coordinating the delivery of fresh grown produce to local agencies. They are currently farming nearly 30 total acres in 5 locations and have given away over 100,000 meals in less than 20 months. Bo has a passion to help people in need, especially when it comes to food and water. He is on a mission to help the less fortunate rise up to their full potential.


A Few Tips from Bo’s Story

    • Felt the Lord Told Him Directly to Start Garden
    • Submitted the Idea to Others – Got Confirmation
    • Strong Sense & Peace Helped Him Know This Was the Right Idea
    • People Tend to Back God Ideas
    • Was Intentional About Creating A “Marketable” Story About the Garden
    • Thinking TRULY Outside the Box – Unconventional
    • “Do Extraordinary Things Unconventionally”
    • Those Who Stick With The Vision I’ve Giveven Them are the Ones Who Come Out on the Other Side”
    • Prayed Intensely for A Month When Felt Like Quitting
    • Remind Yourself of What Scriptures Say
    • As He Stepped Forward, God Supplied Wisdom
    • You’ll Have Ups & Downs
    • Don’t Give Up
    • Think Creatively
    • Has Regular Monthly Prayer Get Together Concerning the Garden with Others
    • Listen to Advice, But Don’t Just Listen – Act On It.
    • Get Around Others, Bring the Right People Around You
    • Learn to Love the Journey

Episode Links:

  •  www.generousgarden.org

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