#008 Special Post: Blowing the Trumpet – One Of Life’s Best Kept Secrets

First, thank you all who somehow keep discovering this blog & podcast – and sharing about it. Welcome. You are why we’re here.

Today is an unusually special post that I am thrilled to share with you.

I recently had the opportunity to to do some recording related to my book, Giants in the Marketplace, Davids in the Pew – Secrets to Partnering With God, Defeating Goliaths & Accomplishing Great Things. As I was reading, something really stood out to me about Chapter 15: Blowing the Trumpet.

At the time I wrote it, I believed it contained especially useful, inspired truths which God impressed upon me. (But most authors think that about various things they do, at one point or another — don’t we? Who knows when we’re right. You decide…)

As days went by and the press of completing the book took over, the whole thing became one big project …and “Blowing the Trumpet” became just another hopefully good chapter. But revisiting it the other day reminded me it’s not just another chapter. Today I want you to have access to “Blowing the Trumpet” – whether or not you have read the book, or ever feel like purchasing one. So here you go.  Please enjoy. And may God touch your life as you listen.

PS Even if you have read the book, I am certain you will hear things in this special audio edition that you didn’t pick up before. Also, in this case I am not going to post episode notes. I want you to just sit back, relax, and listen for a few minutes. See if the Lord impresses anything on you. Let me know.

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