Exactly One Way to Make Jaw-Dropping Progress in 2013

The family joys of Christmas not even shared yet, stockings aren’t hung by the chimney with care – heck, we just got to my early December birthday – and I want to talk about 2013. No and yes. That’s not how I usually roll. I love to fully savor Christmastime, then turn attention forward.

But something’s sticking with me and it’s time to share it with you. Chances are, if you’re a pioneering, creative type at all  (and even if you’re not) you’ve come up against how difficult it is to bring pivotal, lasting change into your life for the better. Only a few people discover how.

So what’s gonna make 2013 a truly life-changing, pivotal year for you and me?! Will we find the answer in resolutions, exercise, planning, budgets, fancy new methods, relationships or Bible reading approach? No. (I’ll bet you’ve tried some of those already anyway.)

I’ll tell you where I am going to look this year. One place. I’m going to investigate a pesky, ordinary little thing called my daily routine BEFORE YOU MENTALLY CHECK OUT, I want to suggest to you that this small area of life is more radical and powerful than it seems – and in fact may be right where your answers are hiding.

Here are two statements that have been pestering me.

  1. “Consistency brings authority.”
  2. ‘You won’t really change your life until you change something you do daily.’

As a highly creative person I don’t like the idea of repetition. I like trailblazing, innovating and exploring. I like variation and improv. I like brave new experiences. Maybe you’re like me or maybe you are a more naturally structured person. Either way, for those of you with me, following my posts, I want you to consider joining me in 2013, looking into your routine.

I have a hunch we’ll find surprising power hidden there. Are you with me? More soon.

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  • Ron

    I’m with you Rick.

    • rickhubbell


  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.h.hubbell Jennifer Harwood Hubbell

    Ooh. I definitely need some that… Change in routine… When? What? Add? Subtract? So many things to consider! Thank you, Rick.

    • rickhubbell

      Hi Sweetie. Fancy meeting you here! We’ll make it happen by the grace of God and by acting on knowledge. The first trick is to identify that daily routine is a powerful place to introduce change. Love, Rick