Living Fearlessly: The Surprising Secrets of Courage

Experience this Message and Get More Courage!

Today we’re talking about one of the deciding factors in life. No matter how much you have, you could operate in it more. It always comes in handy and never goes out of style. When present it can be an absolute game-changer. Life constantly presents challenges where we must decide to use it or not.


Is it true that only certain people have it? If you don’t seem to have enough can you and I get more if we want? If so, HOW? Where?

I want to challenge and stir you and then help you summon courage by the Spirit of the Lord

I want to make you nervous today about your comfort zone! I want to make you uncomfortable about playing it safe all the time. I want to call you to action!

More importantly: The Holy Spirit wants to get deeper into your life and carry you beyond what you ever thought possible. Courage. Courage. Courage! It’s a game changer.

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