Chick Fil-A Operator Calls Book By Local Greenville Author
'Sequel' To Purpose Driven Life

Sells Out First Two Print Runs; Readers Come From
Around U.S. & Several Countries

GREENVILLE, SC August 7th, 2012 -- Destiny doesn’t have to simply be wished for, it can be fulfilled. In the new book Giants in the Marketplace, Davids in the Pew - How Any Christian Can Change The World, author Rick Hubbell dares followers of Christ to make a difference here on earth -- rather than simply looking forward to heaven. He also offers four principles he calls ‘The Slingshot Principles,’ aimed at helping readers do just that. These principles, he asserts, can be applied by individuals as well as organizations to create progress in whatever they are called to do.

greeville sc author giants in the marketplaceThis July 2012 release reads like a story and ‘how-to book’ rolled into one, and supposes that every reader - both male and female - is like a ‘David’ capable of slaying Goliaths. It contains advice on topics such as “how to partner with God, defeat giants, and accomplish great things.’ The author makes no apology for believing that Christians and their relationship with God should ultimately produce an exceptional real-world outcome, despite setbacks or even giant problems.

Recently a noted local business owner compared the book to one of the most successful inspirational works of all time: “As I was glued to (Hubbell’s) book, it struck me as the sequel to Purpose Driven Lifetm by another famous Rick,” said Chuck Church, owner/operator of Chick fil-A on Woodruff Road. ‘Purpose Driven Life’ shares keys to knowing one's purpose from God (and sold over 30 million copies). What it talks less about is once a person thinks they have an idea of what they are supposed to do, what to do next ...and after that.

According to Hubbell, “It’s one thing to have a desire to provide clean water to African villagers, or to create unique programs for at-risk teens, or to develop a new business, or even to run for public office; it's quite another to connect the dots to actually doing it successfully. He believes that a lot of Christians aren't as stuck on which dream God is encouraging them to go after, but how to pursue their dream. He also points out that many believers try to do things ‘for’ God instead of ‘with’ Him, an approach that he says leads to a frustrated, less-fulfilling life.

When asked about what’s happening Hubbell said, “Honestly it (the book) just came out, and there are some promising signs. It’s exciting. People are telling other people. So far it has been ordered in about 25 states and several countries. What I really want readers to know is that if I can write a book which goes around the world, any Christian can do whatever it is they are called to.” The book’s back cover states that a portion of proceeds from every sale are donated to freshwater efforts in Africa and the creation of innovative faith-based ventures.

The physical books are $16.95 each; electronic versions $8.99. All can be purchased from in paperback, ibook, nook, and amazon kindle formats, and those interested may also learn more at There is also a newly released book trailer circulating on youtube at:

About Author: In addition to writing and teaching, Rick Hubbell is a business growth strategist and internet specialist with clients around the U.S.; he was also formerly a full-time pastor at a large non-denominational church in North Carolina. He lives with his wife Jennifer and four children in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

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