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"GIANTS in the Marketplace, DAVIDS IN THE PEW - How Any Christian Can Change the World"
- by Rick Hubbell

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Reviewed by: David Lyda

There is no doubt that we underestimate God. He is the Creator of all, the Sustainer of life, and the Guide through our journey. Anything is possible with God.

What most people don’t realize is that we also underestimate ourselves. We are not randomly created forms of life with no purpose. That awesome God that we serve created us in His image! We have purpose, abilities, and a destiny.

Author Rick Hubbell explores our purpose as God’s children, and the impact that we can make, in his first book, “GIANTS in the marketplace, DAVIDS IN THE PEWS.” Ordinary men and women have made world resounding changes to the things around us by simply following God. It’s not just by “listening” to God but by “following” Him.

There are many Giants roaming the land, and we often wait for God to miraculously remove them or a “David” to come along and slay them. As Rick Hubbell points out, we can be that “David.” Not only can we be a Giant slayer, but God wants us to pick up that sling shot to deliver the fatal blow!

The subtitle explains it all. “How ANY Christian Can Change the World.” It’s not how “some” Christians can change the world. It’s not even how we “might” change the world. It’s how “ANY” Christian “CAN” change the world. The question is posed. “Are you fulfilling your Destiny?”

You will find that Giants are all around, and that the tools to defeat them are right before us. The book clarifies who the Giants are and how they seem to be standing in such unexpected places. As Christians, we have the ability to remove these foes from our path, but it is important to know which fights belong to us. God has made us each for a particular reason. We have abilities that no other person has. We have Destinies that do not belong to any other person.


Often, we try to reach this Destiny by doing things for God. The mistake is that we should be doing things “with” God rather than simply “for” Him. Another error can be that we think that mighty spiritual battles and purposes all belong to those serving in church. The battle is also here in the world. As Christians have stepped further and further away from business, entertainment, and government; Giants have begun to setup mighty fortitudes. The author makes it known that the Giants do not belong in these places. We do!

The odds seem against us. We have great dreams and desires for the future of our world and country, but what can we do? Do we pray that God will simply strike these Giants down? The Enemy does not want you to act. Dreams and desires are great, but where is the substance? Where are those smooth stones that will win the battle and slay the Giants?

“GIANTS in the Marketplace…” makes great use of the story of David and Goliath. Through wonderfully constructed analogies, the book focuses not only on what Giants we face and on our potential to be Giant slayers, but it looks at the tools to accomplish God’s will. What weapon did David use to kill Goliath? Was it a sword, a bow and arrow, or a gun?! No, it was a simple slingshot. Rick Hubbell outlines our own “slingshot principles” that are needed to prepare for the fight. They include prayer, courage, skill, and unconventional tactics. Establishing and preparing the weapon is great, but we have to ammunition to score a win.

These are the smooth stones of substance and action. Once loaded in our slingshot, the author explains how the mighty Giants will fall. It’s not always an easy road and ultimate victory is in God’s sovereign plan. Are you in God’s plan? Are you willing to be God’s hands and feet? Are you willing to partner with God and make an impact upon this world? Are you ready to be a Giant Slayer?

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(From www.greenvilleinoneaccord.com: Volume 1 - Issue 3)